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Next Steps for The Poison Path Series (and my fiction in general)

Last time I talked to you, I was working on Angeline’s story. I shared a summary that I was excited about. I’m still excited! I spent several weeks working on that book before hitting a wall that was probably inevitable. You see, Angeline’s story is the story of the Old Country. It’s the story that takes place approximately 20 years after the events of The Poison Path. Which is to say, it’s the story of a changed empire, and I can’t tell her story without telling the story of the world she lives in.

So I went back. I picked up Serafina and Mag’s story where we left them last. I got about 3k words in and then—another wall. Because it occurs to me that while I’m deeply invested in Mag and Serafina—while I love them and want to tell their story—their limited vantage points can’t get me where I want to go. Not quite.

I want to tell a bigger story, filled with many different voices. I want to tell a story from all sides, which potentially means I want to tell a lot of littler stories. I sometimes say that all I want is to write fanfiction of my own stories, my own worlds, and a conversation with a friend reminded me that I can do exactly that.

I’m self-published for a number of different reasons: because I want ultimate control of my work and the way it’s presented, because I’d rather share stories than have them tied up for years in pitches, because I think it’s a business model that makes sense in this day and age… but I think sometimes I forget the sheer, dazzling amount of freedom that comes with that choice. I want to keep telling the story I began in The Poison Path, but the next steps forward don’t need to be books if I don’t want them to be.

Always, I want to serve the needs of the story first. I realized that what I wrote for Mag and Serafina stands up well as a short story. I realized I can tell the story of the next twenty years in the Old Country through a series of vignettes and shorts. I can post them here, and I can collect them in an anthology. Angeline’s book will absolutely be a book, but for now, maybe this.

So I’m excited! I’m excited to tell this story I’ve lived with for almost ten years now. I’m excited to explore this world and share it with you, one little piece at a time, the way I love to tell stories best. (What can I say? I’m a fic author at heart.)

So stay tuned, and consider joining the party on Patreon if you’re not subscribed yet. I think I’ll probably post these short stories as patron-only posts, and we’ll go from there. Thank you, as always, for your support. Thank you for being here. <3

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