Fate Line

Book Cover: Fate Line
Part of the Fragile Tender series:
Part of the Modern Witchblood series:

Sex magic, betrayal, and a bleeding heart…

Nice is a prince of the white court, a descendant of the fearsome white-haired king of the eternal city. Maybe that’s why he’s so eternally driven to sleep with everything that moves. Haunted by a grief he refuses to acknowledge, the snowy-haired beauty hurts the one he loves and dives headfirst into the arms of something dangerous.

Nice meets the incubus Rook in a dozy little bar in a little nothing town where he’s running away from everything. They collide in a flash of sparks and a wild display of passion, and from then on, their fates are intertwined.

Fate Line is a high-heat m/m novel and the second book in the Fragile Tender series. It is part of Modern Witchblood, a collection of books that take place in modern times several hundred years after the events of The Witchblood Heir series.

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