book cover featuring a impressionist painting of a city with the word "Heartline" and the author name "Hope Zane"
Part of the Fragile Ghost series:
  • Heartline
Part of the Modern Witchblood series:

Teenagers. Best Friends. Tragedy.

​​​​​​​There are two boys. One wants others’ hands and eyes on him at all times, skips meals, goes to tireless extents to be the most beautiful thing anyone has ever seen. The other worships the ground he walks on, wants nothing more than to cherish this person forever, to be anything he needs.

An unending, dizzying road trip choking on cigarette smoke and your own jealousy in all the funhouse mirrors of the heart, doing your best for the boy you love, even if it kills you.

A bittersweet m/m love story. Cinnamon roll meets cinnamon roll, but make it toxic.


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