The Poison Path

The Poison Path by Hope Zane
Part of the The Poison Path series:
  • The Poison Path

In the beginning, there was a small slip of a child, beautiful and loved.
She was born to rule over men, born blessed. She was to become a wise and gracious queen.

She was never supposed to be a murderer.

All her life, Magdeline Blackweir has been a prisoner in her own kingdom, held against her will by her monstrous regent, until the day she murders him. Now danger surrounds her as the fearsome High Council investigates the late Lord Undershire’s demise. One misstep could spell her death, and Mag’s grip on her kingdom is more tenuous than ever as she’s beset by foes on all sides.

Things can’t get worse, until a shadowy cabal of powerful magicians descends on her home for purposes all their own. Suddenly Mag is thrust into a world where allies can’t be trusted and enemies are her only friends.

Mag will do whatever it takes to secure her rightful throne, but will the price be too high?

Reviews:Anna on Goodreads wrote:

If you like villain origin stories-- or maybe even find yourself more interested in the villain than the good guys, sometimes-- this book is for you. It starts out with a murder so eminently justifiable that it doesn't even register as wrongdoing, and continues through a series of choices which, though logical, call into question what it really means to be a good or moral person, and who gets to make that judgement.

it also has an amazing and colorful cast of characters surrounding the protagonist, a main antagonist who is worth a whole series of her own, and a romance that for the first half of the book had me thinking "oh, but surely it isn't going to actually go there" (while hoping that it would) and then IT DID.

Basically, this book is fearless in lots of different ways as well as thoroughly entertaining. Highly recommended!

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