Coming Home


Coming Home



Can Nice face the lover he left behind?

When caught between two great powers, all Nice can do is run. After his ordeal at the sixth court, Nice asks Rook to take him away, and his bondmate happily obliges. On a summer isle, Nice can rest and recover… until a ghost from his past shows up at the door, bringing more trouble in its wake.

Nice has always been tender and very, very selfish. But when Ren is kidnapped, will Nice risk himself—and the wrath of the white court—to save him?

Coming Home is an m/m novel and the fourth book in the Fragile Tender series. It is part of Modern Witchblood, a collection of books that take place in modern times several hundred years after the events of The Witchblood Heir series.

  • Series: Fragile Tender, Book 4
  • Words: 77,299

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