The Deep Woods


The Deep Woods



What good is a boy witch?

Galahad is heir to his father’s holdings and his mother’s magic—twice blessed or twice cursed. His father wants a respectable heir and tries to stamp the softness out of Galahad through hard physical training that he loathes. Galahad isn’t expecting to fall in love with his sunny sword fighting mentor, the boy he’s hated since childhood, while racing against the clock to undo a curse.

The same magic that makes Galahad’s kind mother and fiercely talented sister respected and revered has only ever brought him ridicule and disdain—but there are worse things than being ignored. The world of men might not believe in Galahad’s magic, but something else does. Something that waits in the deep, dark woods.

Galahad has until he reaches adulthood to free himself from the curse. If he can’t, the price is his life.

  • Series: The Witchblood Heir, Book 1
  • Words: 68,670

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