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The Electric Hymnal


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It’s not an overstatement to say that Durant hates himself. Half-incubus, aspiring Catholic, nightly hunter of other predators like himself.

Nicholas looks more like a teenage grunge rock acolyte than the ancient vampire he is. A fear of the dark, a low and louche personality, and one rule: he doesn’t fuck incubi.

A bet at a club and a sizzling dance are all it takes for Nicholas and Durant fall into each other’s orbit, but the city of Portfell has dark secrets lurking under the surface. Someone is stealing the city’s youth, seven kills every seven years. Durant is hellbent on bringing justice to the dead, but the underbelly of Portfell protects its own.

Can anyone save Durant when he doesn’t want to be saved?

  • Series: Modern Witchblood
  • Words: 73,608

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