The Eternal City


The Eternal City



Galahad Corbenic has lived most of his life with one eye over his shoulder. The son of the most revered witch in Somerset, he’s an anomaly among the cunning folk—a boy with magic in his blood. As a man grown, he is bound to return to the hungry fey city of Vada-el that claimed him as a child.

In order to save the ones he loves, Galahad points his feet straight into the dark. Into the eternal city, a place of splendors and dark delights, where his love and his mettle will be tested again and again.

But the world changes when you’re not looking. When your loves are gone and your allies have fled, a beautiful enemy alone may hold the key to saving everything you hold dear.

  • Series: The Witchblood Heir, Book 2
  • Words: 63,456

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