The Poison Path


The Poison Path



In the beginning, there was a small slip of a child, beautiful and loved.
She was born to rule over men, born blessed. She was to become a wise and gracious queen.

She was never supposed to be a murderer.

All her life, Magdeline Blackweir has been a prisoner in her own kingdom, held against her will by her monstrous regent, until the day she murders him. Now danger surrounds her as the fearsome High Council investigates the late Lord Undershire’s demise. One misstep could spell her death, and Mag’s grip on her kingdom is more tenuous than ever as she’s beset by foes on all sides.

Things can’t get worse, until a shadowy cabal of powerful Magician descends on her home for purposes all their own. Suddenly Mag is thrust into a world where allies can’t be trusted and enemies are her only friends.

Mag will do whatever it takes to secure her rightful throne, but will the price be too high?

  • Series: The Poison Path
  • Words: 99,959

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