The Wounded Knight


The Wounded Knight



Left behind.

Iseult’s twin has been stolen away. Heartbroken and duty-bound, Iseult is left alone in the world until a half-fey boy in the deep woods pledges himself to her. But Luca has secrets of his own, like the mysterious illness that plagues him and his yearning for the eternal city deep in the woods, the place he calls the white court.

A fanatical half fey, a child bonded to a spirit, a doomed and lost Sister, and a cursewitch with a blood grudge against Iseult’s family are Iseult’s found allies, but a new power is rising in the ruins of an old world. Iseult must gamble with her life in order to save the place she hates the most—the eternal city of Vada-el.

  • Series: The Witchblood Heir, Book 3
  • Words: 111,096

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