Winter Sun


Winter Sun



Nice might be gentry fey by blood, but his body is so human. Fey enough to form a bond with Rook but human enough that it’s killing him. Choosing loyalty for the first time in his life, the strain of abstinence is driving him mad.

Things can only get worse when a member of the Seven Courts comes to call. The death—and treason—of June’s former mistress, the Lady of Bitterbone Hall, hasn’t gone unnoticed by those in high places. When Nice is implicated, he can only travel north to clear his name. But the mantle of a Prince of Vada-el sits heavy on him.

The bitter cold of the high North awaits. Can Nice keep his identity a secret while escaping certain doom at the hands of a power outside the jurisdiction of the black and white courts?

  • Series: Fragile Tender, Book 3
  • Words: 48,305

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