Fairytale: A K-Pop M/M Romance

What happens after happily ever after?

The seven members of the K-pop group Fairytale are trying to figure that out. After a long and hard road to debut, they’re sitting on the top—so why does it feel like they might fall off?

Charis is the so-called Ice Prince of Fairytale. With an old injury that flares up when he’s stressed, he’s determined never to let the mask slip. Never to let anyone know if it hurts. After all, he’s less talented than the other members. Disposable. Replaceable. What if he gets kicked out?

Mouse, the uninhibited Dark Prince of their group, couldn’t be more different. He seems to have been born with a silver spoon: more talented than ten idols and ridiculously famous even before debut—so what does he even see in Charis?

Fairytale goes to compete at a fierce contest show against other, more established idols. Some with strange secrets. All of them dazzlingly talented and all of them vying to win. Amid love rivals, vicious rumors, and dangerous accidents, can the members of Fairytale support each other and fight for the prize?

Live your youth and catch your dreams!

Fairytale is a unique M/M romance following the seven boys of Fairytale. It features multiple M/M relationships, tragic pasts, heartfelt hurt/comfort, sweet and spicy scenes, and even a touch of fae magic.