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Here’s where you can sign up for my mailing list. You’ll get updates whenever I release new work, like novellas, books, and short stories. Eventually, I might use this mailing list to send monthly updates about what I’ve been working on and what I’m reading/watching/listening to. I love finding great media and rec’ing it to my friends.

As an extra incentive, you’ll also get a free short story for signing up with my newsletter. “The House of the Unsleeping” is set in the same world as The Witchblood Heir, but it can absolutely be read as a standalone.

There’s a house in the middle of the eternal city, quiet and unassuming. It often smells of cinnamon. It’s not built to ensure suffering; the suffering is incidental.

If there’s a lesson here, it’s this: there is always something older, vaster, and hungrier than you.