First Aid: An M/M K-Pop Story

Talented. Beloved. Terrified—Idols.

Every member of Fairytale is trying to burn as brightly as possible to find the answer to the question— Can you still love me if I’m like this? If you really see me, will you think I’m worth it?

Kiki loves Xiao Yu, the only boy who was there for him when everyone else thought he was dirty and tainted—just a pretty face who slept his way to the top.

Mouse loves Charis, the prettiest boy he knows, the one who’s way better than he thinks he is and hid his pain for the sake of a dream.

Miyong loves Kim Joon, his best friend who always lets him fail. Who lets him grow and change in a world where nobody seems to want that from him.

And Soohyun loves them all. His members, his family. He can’t make any mistakes. Can’t ask for too much—especially not from Taeyun, the staff member who’s kind to him one moment and ignores him the next; who kisses him and then leaves because he doesn’t want to be second in Soohyun’s heart.

First Aid is the sequel to Fairytale, an M/M story about weaving your very own fairytale from the ashes of the past. It contains hurt, lots of comfort, and the hope of finding love and strength right where you are.