So long and thanks for all the fish, Twitter?

So Twitter is dying! El*n Musk is calling it “X” or whatever the fuck, and the tab in my browser looks like a porn site.

Exhibit A

Anyway, it gets increasingly unpleasant to spend time there. I’m working on building a tiny little place for myself here instead. I don’t know if I’ll keep blogging! tbh I don’t know that I have that much to say outside my books.

Oh! By the way, I redesigned my website and made a little home for those, too. Now you can buy books directly from my website. I still want to design a Recommended Reading Order page and clean up a few more things, but for now, this is where we’re at.


  • Elanor C Rimassa (rosiethesoundgirl)

    Im glad you are. Im kinda missing fan and writer twitterbut i confess i haven’t been there in months. Best!

    • Hope Zane

      Oh, hello! I remember you! It’s nice to see a familiar face here. <3 Honestly, spending time away for a few months sounds so healthy. Fan and writing twt will always be there if you want to go back (lol… I mean… unless it gets consigned to the trash fire, which is looking more and more likely, but)

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