Finished a book

Here to lie flat facedown on the floor because I finished a book, hallelujah. It occurs to me that when I say that, I have to specify reading or writing or else people get confused. But yesterday I finally glued my ass to the chair and finished writing Fairytale. I don’t know why endings are […]

Silent Night

I have been so anxious lately. I’ve been wishing for good health. And praying—lots of that, too. I feel better and worse in a lot of ways, lately? I don’t know, I’ve been feeling very scrambled. I’m trying to keep up, and I’m trying to slow down. I just stopped spending time with some people […]

Not a Short Story

So the Illness that I mentioned last week continued. Woof. Somewhere in all that fever-brained mess, I decided to write a short story. It’s… not really turning out to be a short story. Well, I have my hopes, but it seems to be turning into a novel, like all things tend to do. Fairytale started […]

With a sickness

It’s been a hell of a year so far. I started 2024, like I’m sure everyone did, with the best of intentions of Getting Shit Done. Instead, I mostly got very sick and spent the last two weeks resting and trying to feel a little less like death. Fortunately, I think I’m starting to feel […]

close up photograph of two person holding sparklers

Happy New Year

I’m thinking of a song I can never find on the internet, a kind of lost track by Stars, whose music sort of defined my youth. Anyway, it’s a song called London Fields. Particularly, I’m thinking of this line that goes, “I dream that you’ll seal my fate, save me just a little late, that […]