New Patreon tiers and an ~extra~

I got my brain back from the war! Kind of! I’m working on un-neglecting my Patreon page, and I renamed all of my support tiers some incredibly goofy shit.

Heh. I like it, though.

(Why is the first tier so expensive? Because Patreon eats things in fees, but you can actually pledge any amount you want.)

I started writing a kind of alternative high school AU about Nice, basically because I started wondering what would have happened if Nice had met someone more like himself in high school. Would he have been any better off? Worse?

I’m only planning to write a short story. I posted the first part on Patreon today. I think I might sync it here as well (still as a patron-only post) just because I don’t like the idea of all my stuff being only on a website that I don’t control.

Here’s a little snippet of the AU for fun. I like Willow so far.

“Good?” Willow asks. “You look good like that.”

“Mm,” Nice says. Maybe it’s an answer to one thing or the other. “Take a picture, then.”

Willow takes his phone out of his pocket and snaps a picture of his new friend. He leans over and steals a taste of Nice’s candy, fastening his mouth to it and sucking some of the lemon-flavored sweetness from the gooey part of its softening surface.

Before Nice can complain that Willow took some of his candy, Willow preemptively reaches into his bag and stuffs a couple of gumdrops into his mouth. In the time it takes him to chew them and swallow, Willow has already pulled back.

He licks his lips while Nice coughs at the sugar crystals he’d accidentally inhaled.

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