Finished a book

Here to lie flat facedown on the floor because I finished a book, hallelujah. It occurs to me that when I say that, I have to specify reading or writing or else people get confused. But yesterday I finally glued my ass to the chair and finished writing Fairytale. I don’t know why endings are […]

Silent Night

I have been so anxious lately. I’ve been wishing for good health. And praying—lots of that, too. I feel better and worse in a lot of ways, lately? I don’t know, I’ve been feeling very scrambled. I’m trying to keep up, and I’m trying to slow down. I just stopped spending time with some people […]

Not a Short Story

So the Illness that I mentioned last week continued. Woof. Somewhere in all that fever-brained mess, I decided to write a short story. It’s… not really turning out to be a short story. Well, I have my hopes, but it seems to be turning into a novel, like all things tend to do. Fairytale started […]


Am I allowed to talk about the characters I’ve dreamed about and left behind? Maybe it’s not right to say that I’ve left them behind, so much as I’ve left their stories on pause. I think a lot about a girl called Angeline. She’s Mag’s adopted daughter, from the world of The Poison Path—that Mag, […]