Picking up words incidentally

I’m going to start a running document of Words I Have Learned From the Trending Sidebar on Twitter, which so far includes 사고 from 바스사고 and 방송사고, wherein people were very upset about the audio fuckups during Stray Kids’ year-end stage on SBS. (See also: 음향사고)

I learned 공항 because everyone is eternally very concerned about where idols are going. Today I got 새벽 네시 after recognizing 새벽 from 새벽바람 from a song that makes me want to weep.

And on my second time seeing 금발 vs 흑발 trending, I finally get it. Specifically, it helps that I read through a picture dictionary and saw 금 enough times to know it means gold and 은 is silver.

…side note, I was Team 금발 Felix for the longest time, but 흑발 Felix might be growing on me.

Idk, shitposts on Twitter might be one of my new favorite ways to learn a language. There’s something very warm and comforting about memeing and internet jokes being the same the world over.

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