Am I allowed to talk about the characters I’ve dreamed about and left behind?

Maybe it’s not right to say that I’ve left them behind, so much as I’ve left their stories on pause. I think a lot about a girl called Angeline. She’s Mag’s adopted daughter, from the world of The Poison Path—that Mag, Magdeline Blackweir, who becomes the Poison Queen of the West.

I think a lot about her story. I’ve written part of it. I know who Angeline’s birth mother is, and I know you’ll want to know, too. I know why Mag adopted her and how she raised her.

I even know who Angeline falls in love with and what kind of doom she causes.

I’m really hungry to write her story next. It’s just been hard to find the time—to find the time materially, to have space and time for myself. But also to find the time and space in my own head. It’s often so crowded in here. I have so many stories to tell.

I’d really love to tell this story next; whether I do it before or after I finish Fairytale, I’m not sure. I sometimes wish to be someone who can work on multiple WIPs at the same time. Maybe I still can. I’m actually kind of hoping the Patreon, and getting to share WIPs as I go, might be what I need to keep the fire burning as I tend to all the different irons stuck in it.

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